CrossFit 219 – CrossFit

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Max Effort Every Minute for Reps – 2 Rounds

Station 1 – KBS

Station 2 – Burpees

Station 3 – SkiERG

Station 4 – Double Unders

Station 5 – Row for Cals

Station 6 – Bike for Cals

Station 7 – Rest

You may start at whatever station you would like but complete in order listed
Equal work/rest periods of 1 Minute

P1 Works / P2 Rests

P2 Works / P1 Rests

Both Partners complete the movement, then move on to the next station

SFL: Metcon (Time)

The Finale…Triathalon

2 Mile Run

3K Row

5 Mile Bike
This will be a relay. One athlete completes the run and then tags the next athlete in. Score is total time for all three components