Scott Sparks
Scott SparksCF-L1 Trainer / USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach / International Sport Sciences Association - Specialist in Strength and Conditioning
Scott Sparks is a CrossFit L-1 trainer who is no stranger to coaching or being coached. Scott has been a competitor in athletics from track and field, to baseball, to running marathons since the age of ten, finishing his career at the collegiate level playing basketball. He has spent 5 years coaching basketball and is currently coaching two local high school teams in strength and conditioning through CrossFit. He is passionate about bringing out the inner athlete in every one he coaches. He strives to make each individual the very best they can be.
Kristen Smith
Kristen SmithCF-L2 Trainer / USAW Sports Performance Coach / Brand X Kids Trainer

CrossFit is not a job to me or a daily exercise program it is a passion. I began my CrossFit journey almost three years ago. I have four daughters and after my last daughter was born I thought I have to do something to get more energy and feel better about myself. My college roommate told me about CrossFit and so it began. I own my own consulting business, KLSmith Consulting, graduate of Purdue University and resident of Munster. Kristen has also recently completed her USAW Sports Performance Coach Certification

Paul Passine
Paul PassineCF L2 Trainer

Paul has been involved in CrossFit since 2010 and earned his L1 certificate in 2012. L2 achieved in 2017.

Paul has been involved in athletics since high school, running track and Cross Country. After years of working out in a conventional gym he found CrossFit. Paul was drawn to CrossFit by the community and competition it inspires.  Helping people be the best version of themselves, and achieving feats they never thought possible are just a couple of the reasons he loves to coach athletes at CF219.  When he isn’t coaching, Paul enjoys cycling, swimming, rock climbing, and sitting on the couch eating tacos, catching up on the DVR.

Josh Belluomini
Josh BelluominiCF-L1 Trainer

Josh is a CF-L1 trainer, who a former head boy’s basketball coach for Bishop Noll Institute in Hammond, IN. Josh played basketball, football, and baseball at St Joseph High School in Westchester, IL and went on to play football at Benedictine University. Josh has been involved with Crossfit since 2014. After years of working out, off and on, at various gyms, Crossfit has given Josh a new passion for fitness. Josh and his wife, Sonja, have been blessed with 3 great children; Alexandra, Luca, and Mikaela, whom can often be found screaming his name at the gym.

Laura Mizwicki
Laura MizwickiCF L1 Trainer

Laura is a special education teacher and an L-1 trainer. She began her Crossfit journey in 2013 when she decided she needed a change from her sedentary lifestyle. With no athletic background and having never played a sport, Laura was not sure Crossfit would be the right fit for her. She decided to give it a try and has never turned back. From banded pull-ups to chest-to-bar to muscle ups, Laura quickly learned that Crossfit is not just a workout program, it is an outlet that will always push her forward, allowing her to grow and seek her personal best.  In her free time Laura coaches a 5k running program for her students, mentoring them on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. She also enjoys cooking, traveling, and DIY projects. 

Janette Tuuk
Janette Tuukcf L1 trainer

My name is Janette. I am a wife, a mom of two girls, a nurse, and a L1 trainer. I started my journey with Crossfit in the fall of 2012 after many failed attempts to live a healthier lifestyle. I love that Crossfit is always challenging, never gets easier, and a way to push and improve myself every time I go to the gym. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends, especially my two little girls and husband